FOLKLIFE Annual Subscription - Starts with Volumes 5 & 6 Pre-Order

FOLKLIFE Annual Subscription - Starts with Volumes 5 & 6 Pre-Order

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No need for reminders or check-ins. Like FOLKLIFE? Pre-order your FOLKLIFE subscription (Volumes 5 and 6), and be automatically renewed once a year. Cancel any time! Volume 5 set to launch Spring 2022, and Volume 6 set to launch Fall 2022.

Unfortunately, as per Shopify's rules, subscription orders are not eligible for local pickup at this time. We're very sorry about this, but hope that the $3 per issue to ship won't be prohibitive for you. If it is, please email and we can organize pickup without Shopify. Thanks!

Shipping cost for volumes 5 & 6 (Canada): $6.20
Shipping costs for US orders 5& 6: $22
Shipping costs for International orders 5 & 6: $44

Volume 5 will ship upon completion in the Spring/Summer of 2022. Volume 6 will ship upon completion in the Fall/Winter of 2022. 

IMPORTANT—Ensure your shipping info is correct. Orders not received as a result of a missing unit number, incorrect postal code, misspelling of Street, Avenue, or your name – are not our responsibility. We will not refund or send a second magazine for free.

RETURN & REFUND POLICY: We unfortunately do not accept returns or exchanges on digital or print magazines.

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